Use this modernizing medicine portal for copies of your medical records, test results, and to contact the clinical team for questions and refills. Call the office for questions that require immediate attention. Portal messages are generally answered within 3 business days. 

Patients who are not registered will receive and email after their appointment with access information. This email contains sign on information. If no email is received enter your user name. Your user name is the first 2 letters of your first name, the first two letters of your last name, and the month and day of your birthday. Example: John Smith, DOB 02/01/1999, username = josm0201, select forgot password. You will receive an email with the password reset link. Use the link to create a new password (the link is good for 24 hours)

If you did not give the office a valid email you may call the office an update this information and request a welcome invitation to be sent to you.  

Your user name for the AdvancedMD portal is your email address as given to the office. If you did not give the office an email address you must first do so to register. Please do not try to connect with the facebook or google accounts (patients do not have success with these options) and when registering for the first time do not include the last four of your social security number.

To fill out patient paperwork prior to you appointment follow the link in the email sent to you before your appointment. Access to these form can be found below. (forms are sent electronically a few days before your scheduled appointment) 

Questions or problems with either portal please feel free to contact the office for assistance

AdvancedMD Portal