Cosmetic services are provided to established medical dermatology patients only and begin with a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tangoren to access needs and design best cosmetic treatment strategy. Further information regarding the laser therapy we offer in the office can be found on the laser manufactures website

We only accept payment for cosmetics by cash and credit (Visa/Mastercard). To schedule a consultation please call the office.
Return Policy:
Glytone and Avene products purchased in the office can be refunded with in 30 days of sale. All other products sold in the office are non returnable/refundable for any reason. 

This technology is designed to yield optimum results with repeated treatments in as short as weekly intervals, with programs determined by the outcome of the patient’s skin evaluation. Because microdermabrasion is a non-evasive procedure, the skin’s improvement is gradual, with dramatic effects occurring over a period of time. 

Always wanted higher cheekbones? Your wishes will be “full filled.” Instantly fill out undesirable lines and wrinkles while youthfully recontouring facial features, including the areas surrounding the nose and mouth. Also provides long term enhancement and volume of lips to create the perfect pout.
Botox (Botulin toxin), a temporary muscle relaxer, can be used to treat wrinkles and frown lines. Cosmetic botox injections are safe and effective short-term treatment of squint lines at the corners of the eyes (Crow's Feet), frown lines (deep vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows often referred to as Elevens) and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Botox takes effect in 3-7 days after treatment and the improvement generally lasts 3-4 months. 

BBL Forever Bare Permanent Hair Reduction Static or In-Motion:
Unlike traditional laser hair removal, Forever BARE BBL sends multiple, lower-fluency pulses at a high repetition rate for a quicker, more effective treatment. BBL’s motion technology allows for even heating of hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.
Treatment Areas:
-Axillary (armpits)

Quick and easy full-body treatments. Did you know BBL HERO delivers faster, more powerful, and more comfortable results than ever before? Treatments on large areas like the back, legs, and arms take as little as three minutes with HERO— BBL’s High Energy Rapid Output.

Comfortable with minimal downtime. Painful treatments are a thing of the past thanks to BBL HERO’s signature handpiece that gently removes pigment and other skin imperfections. The device’s ComfortCool technology keeps skin cool and comfortable so numbing cream isn’t needed.

Customize for powerful, long-lasting results. With the broadest range of wavelengths on the market—in one handpiece—patients can experience exceptional results in as little as one treatment. A single pass addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes provide the appearance of tighter skin and correct pigmented lesions, skin flushing, acne, and more.

What's it Treats?
-Phototherapy, pigmentation
-Skin Maintenance (regain that youthful appearance
-Active Acne
-Skin revitalization (fine lines and wrinkles)

Skin Laser Therapy

They say beauty is more than skin deep. But when you’re struggling with skin concerns, like unwanted veins, you can’t let your best self shine. Maybe you’re still concealing those little vessels on your face with layers of makeup, or you’re limiting yourself to outfits that hide embarrassing spider veins on your legs. Whatever your skin concerns, don’t let them intimidate you–ClearV can help.  

Not all acids are created equal - Glytone Chemical Peels leverage a unique technology that helps the acids penetrate deeper into the skin with minimal irritation on the surface. Each chemical peel is packed with powerful acids that deliver consistent, reliable exfoliation medical professional's trust. 

Chemical peels help remove damaged skin cells, allowing healthy skin to take its place to reveal brighter, smoother, and renewed skin. Glytone Peels can help target a variety of unique skin concerns, like acne, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and photodamage. Peels are also designed to target specific concerns on the face, hands, back & chest, eyes and neck. Each non-invasive procedure helps support collagen production and resurface skin to maintain optimal skin health.

The office offers a wide variety of Glytone peels. A list of peels and prices can be found here (price list for peels). For for information regarding Glytone Professional Peels, including before and after photos, please visit the Glytone website